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Wervel – Nicky Assmann (2019)

Realised art in public spaces


Wervel (Vortex) is an ingenious 20-metre-long LED sculpture that hangs in the garage at Forum Groningen. Its shape is inspired by a tornado and follows the contours of the architecture of the Forum. Wervel displays colourful, composed video images of natural phenomena such as turbulence and fluid dynamics, and the science behind them. The patterns that these natural phenomena show, from the cosmic level to the macro and microscopic levels, are combined with flowing dynamic hypercolours. The result is a beautiful composition of light, movement and imagination that stimulates and amazes the senses.
Wervel was commissioned by CBK Groningen and created by internationally renowned artist Nicky Assmann. The unveiling was at the end of November 2019. From that date onwards, Wervel can be experienced by everyone in the Forum garage!

Nicky Assmann
With a background in film and ArtScience, Nicky Assmann combines art, science and cinematographic elements in her work to create sensory experiences. The sun is an inspiration in a continuous search for what she calls hypercolours, which are characteristic of her work. Observations of nature on different scales influence her work. In the search for phenomena that occur at both cosmic and microscopic levels, and the juxtaposition of micro and macro, similar images and patterns emerge. Wervel is Nicky Assmann’s first permanent work of art in a public space.

Wervel was made possible by the Municipality of Groningen and a contribution by the Mondriaan Fund.