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Over Kunstpunt Groningen.

We are Kunstpunt Groningen, the hub for visual arts. Art is for everyone. It stimulates, challenges and makes you see the world differently. That is why we bring together as many residents of Groningen and as much art as possible. We do this by connecting art and artists with viewers, borrowers, partners and neighbourhoods. This is how we facilitate and stimulate the professional visual arts climate in Groningen.

We make our point in two different ways:


Art gives Groningen colour. And Groningen inspires art. This manifests itself in our Street Art project. We develop new art in public spaces and provide existing work. By connecting to the identity of neighbourhoods/streets/residents and the themes that reside there, we are bringing art close by, for everyone.


Art should be accessible to everyone, which is why we connect you with it – at home, at school, in the office, on the street, at festivals and online. We guide you through the art scene in Groningen, organise routes and other events. Do you want to look at art for longer? Then you can borrow art from us. We not only cater to enthusiasts, but also to professional artists in the northern Netherlands. We give them a platform and offer them workshops and commissions. This way, together with them and our partners, we are developing Groningen as a city of art.