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Muurschilderingen A-Kwartier (Murals A-Kwartier)

Marc Weddeman

About this artwork.

In the A-kwartier, a few garage doors and a wall have various paintings, including a lapwing, a silhouette of a walking woman under an umbrella and a monkey. A special anecdote is linked to the latter image:
In the eighties and nineties of the twentieth century 'Schele Greet' was the owner and occupant of the Noorderhaven 62 building. Greet was, as it was popularly called, a 'madam of whore'. In 1999 the current occupant bought the upstairs apartment from Greet (number 62a). He tells about this: … '' From the roof terrace I had a good view of the garden of the ground floor apartment. What I saw was a veritable jungle of weeds, plants and trees, complete with scattered garbage. Hidden in all the greenery I discovered a gazebo, equipped with gas and light and to my utter surprise, this house was the home of a monkey. An old monkey - in my memory a baboon - who had difficulty walking, could no longer climb and scrambled through the jungle like an old male. A year later, the monkey disappeared to a bird sanctuary. The story goes that more monkeys have lived behind the kitchen door of cross-eyed Greet, but nothing is known about that ''.

This (painted) monkey is a beautiful reminder of the monkey jungle of yesteryear. Now the square serves as a garden, playground and parking lot.

About the assignment.

After an end to window prostitution in Hoekstraat in 2016, residents and University of Groningen took the initiative to revive the quality of life in the A-kwartier through art.
Commissioned by the municipality of Groningen, Wizedesign came up with the concept and implementation of MarcArt - the name of graffiti artist Marc Weddeman.


28, 25, Hoekstraat 16, 52, Hoekstraat 50, Vishoek 10 (op toegangshek tuin)

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    Marc Weddeman

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    Art in / on a building

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