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Memory Balcony (Geheugenbalkon)

Studio L A

About this artwork.

The Memory Balcony forms a vantage point during the renovation of the southern ring road, where the road disappears underground. A new park will be built on top of this: the Zuiderplantsoen. From a height of 10 meters you look out on the city that is renewing and you are at the same time on a piece of history: the tower partly consists of old parts of the ring road.

The historical stratification of Groningen was the starting point for architect studio Studio L A, the makers of the Memory Balcony: “After researching the area, we found out that there have been many layers in history. But each time the layer has been completely wiped off and something new has been put over it without keeping the memories alive.” The architect duo has therefore reused elements from the southern ring road and incorporated them into Memory Balcony. If you climb up, you will find an original crash barrier, recycled concrete and asphalt. The artwork thus connects past, present and future.

About the assignment.

The wish for a meeting place came from local residents. But the contractors, Combinatie Herepoort, also had a vantage point for the construction work in the planning. These two wishes came together with the development of a family of meeting objects near Kunstpunt Groningen. Kunstpunt Groningen asked Studio L A to make a design, which resulted in Memory Balcony.

Part of route.


Hereweg Weg der Verenigde Naties

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Facts & Figures.

  • Design
    Studio L A

  • District

  • Year of creation

  • Art type
    Art and architecture

  • Material
    Concrete, Steel, Galvanized steel, Asphalt

  • Dimensions
    h 13 x b 9 x d 6,5 m.