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On this page, you will find an overview of art commissions, grants, work periods and art events in Groningen, The Netherlands and abroad.

Open Call – LICHT 2024 – Galerie Pouloeuff (Naarden-Vesting)

The dark, cold season is still far away but the first preparations for the annual winter exhibition LIGHT at Gallery Pouloeuff have already begun. For this exhibition we are looking for young artists who make work with or about light. Does this appeal to you? Then sign up now to exhibit your work with us during LICHT 2024 in Galerie Pouloeuff!

Do you work with light?

In autumn and winter, Galerie Pouloeuff is showing the exhibition LICHT 2024. For this exhibition we are looking for young artists who work with light or make work about light. If you are somehow connected to this subject, you are welcome to apply for the open call. The exhibition will run from 6 November until beginning of January. During this period the work will be on display in the gallery during opening hours. However, the lights will also remain on after closing time so that the exhibit will light up its surroundings and the work can be admired by passersby.

Would you like to participate?

Are you a young artist with one or more works in which light plays a crucial role and are you living and working in the Netherlands? We invite you to submit your artwork for the LICHT exhibition at our gallery. Please send the details of your work, including a photo with dimensions, materials, and title, along with your contact information, age, and any website or social media profiles to The deadline for submissions is May 22nd. Our gallery team will make a selection from all submissions. We look forward to discovering your artwork!

⏰ Deadline voor submissions: Wednesday 22 May
ℹ️ Would you like more information? Mail to
Or take a look at our website: Oproep LICHT 2024(see for English below) | Nieuws en media | Galerie Pouloeuff

Open Call – Photographer / researcher – Farm Art (Bellingwolde)

Lisa Smithson is the founder of Farm Art, a residency place for artists- visual, musicians, writing and so on. She is an artist, teacher, vexillograph, facilitator and owner of the property in Bellingwolde since April 2022.

“I am looking for someone in May-June 2024 for photographic and conceptual documentation/research of roadside display cases in rural Bellingwolde, Groningen.

Notable in rural Holland are the roadside display cases where, among other things, homemade and homegrown products are for sale. Pumpkins, eggs, honey, plants, vegetables, books and second-hand items, for example. The physical structures built or used to display and sell goods are varied.

Documentation of these roadside stalls is documentation of rural cultural phenomena. This idiosyncratic and overlooked practice promises to yield visually and contextually interesting material. Possibly, a publication of the research and the design and implementation, by an artist, of a display case at Farm Art will come, with the goal of connecting the local community with works of art by Artists in Residence.

The student/researcher/photographer will engage with multiple showcase owners and users to gather information about it. I can offer a lodging address in the countryside, use of bicycles, logistics and conceptual support and meals.”

📧 Are you interested? Please contact Lisa via 
⏰ The deadline for application is Monday, April 8
ℹ️ More info 👉 @_farmart_ • Instagram-foto’s en -video’s

Open Call – residence deal for artists – Het Lage Noorden (Marrum (Frisia))

Are you an artist and are you looking for a place to reflect, research, experiment or create? In the period from March 1 to mid-April there are still a few spots available at Het Lage Noorden in the Frisian Marrum! Minimum 1 week, from 210 euros per week.

Interested? Contact Sandra Jansen & Stephan Valk from Het Lage Noorden for availability and a good offer! You can reach them by email ( or – calling is quicker – telephone: +31(0)6-45 67 44 11.

Who knows, you might soon be able to work at Het Lage Noorden together with Paul Verheul, Maike Hemmers and Geke Lensink.

ℹ️  Het Lage Noorden is a place on the Frisian Wadden coast where art is central. Started in 2021 as a place for artists to create, research, experiment and produce. More information can be found here 👉 AIR info — Het Lage Noorden

Open Call – ART in Porre’s Garden – Alteveer

For the two-day art event Verwevenheid met het onderaardse – KUNST in Porre’s Toen (‘Interweaving with the subterranean – ART in Porre’s Garden’), on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May in Alteveer, the organization has launched an open call

Geert van den Wildenberg from Porre’s Toen:

“Together with artists we explore the world beneath our feet. The encounter with the underground takes us, via art, back to nature and our relationship with it.

Man is not an isolated organism, but owes its existence to symbiosis with bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. In balance it ensures a harmoniously functioning whole that we call human beings.

Fungi are very important for the health of our ecosystem. It’s easy to overlook them, but they’re everywhere. Fungi produce and scavenge life, live in both soil and air, are able to digest environmental pollutants, and produce food for us.

We are looking for artists who want to express and exhibit this theme through two- or three-dimensional work.”

ℹ️ For contact and registration:

⏰ Deadline for registration: Monday April 15.

Open Call – Pakje Kunst – the MOW / Museum Westerwolde

Since September 24 (2023), The MOW has a Pakje Kunst vending machine in the museum shop. Pakje Kunst presents works of art the size of a pack of cigarettes in an old mechanical cigarette machine. A box costs only €4 and you can find every art form in it. Almost all of the proceeds go to the participating artists.

For the vending machine, MOW is always looking for artists from Westerwolde, Oldambt, Pekela, Veendam and Stadskanaal who enjoy surprising, confusing, moving or slightly annoying people with works of art the size of a pack of cigarettes.

For more information go to Pakje kunst | Het MOW
You can register via

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