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In this time of dark days, lockdown and a music festival that cannot physically take place for the public, luckily we still have a few bright spots. Surprising art installations can be viewed and/or listened to at three locations in the center of Groningen. At the Vismarkt, Grote Markt and Nieuwe Markt you can experience the artworks Voyager, Kleur de Stad and Pneumatic Sound Field.

ESNS ART 2022 is a collaboration between Kunstpunt Groningen and ESNS. With these art installations accessible to everyone, we want to bring something positive and color to the city for its residents and visitors.

Nieuwe Markt: Pneumatic Sound Field

What you experience in the installation Pneumatic Sound Field is best described as ‘wind that contains sound’. Artist Edwin van der Heide investigated the possibilities of creating sound with compressed air. In this installation, air is released in cartridges and series using very precise and quickly controllable valves. The changing patterns play with the rhythmic experience of sound, the spatial experience of sound and the creation of tones. The result is a ‘breathing sound environment’ above the audience.

Edwin van der Heide (1970) is an artist, composer and researcher in the field of sound, space and interaction. His work encompasses installations, performances and environments. The public is in the middle of the work and is challenged to actively explore the artwork.